24 Enphase Microinverters

Complete Grid-Tied Solar System

Including Roof Mount Racking

Monthly KW Output Estimated

1,179 kWh

More in Summer Less in Winter


9.36 KW solar kit with 24 Enphase IQ7A Microinverters and 24 Trina 390w bifacial Solar Panels and Roof mount racking for 24
Panels Unirac.


24 panel 390w 72 cell Trina Mono


Harvest More Power with the Enphase IQ7A Microinverter Gridtie System

This Enphase Grid –Tied system includes 24 Trina 390 watt panels paired with 24 Enphase IQ7A Micro Inverters and the necessary cabling and connectors for a safe, simple and code-compliant install. Our package also includes durable Unirac roof-mount racking hardware for a complete, ready-to-install solution. We choose only Tier 1 solar panels and UL listed components for an easy-to-maintain, NEC-compliant system that will last for years.

What Are the Benefits of Using Enphase Microinverters?

Traditional gridtie systems use string inverters and when a panel is damaged or shaded, it affects the entire string, significantly reducing power output. Enphase Microinverters allow each panel to operate independently at their peak efficiency. If a panel is shaded or damaged it wont affect the rest of the system. Microinverters also provide more design flexibility by allowing you to position modules on different facing roof pitches and in less ideal locations. Microinverter systems are easy to install and can be expanded with additional modules and microinverters.

Monitoring Your System

Monitoring system production over the internet is easy and free with the included Enphase IQ Envoy. The Envoy can also be used for advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting by Enphase tech support in the event of a fault.

Backed by an industry-leading Warranty

Enphase microinverters come backed by a 25-year warranty and benefit from extensive experience and testing in microinverter design


24 Trina 390 bi facial landscape mono
24 IQ7A Enphase Microinverters
24 Enpene Q-12-17-240 Cable Portrait
2 Enpene Cable Sealing cap
3 Enpene Cable Q Terminator Caps
24 Unirac mount
24 Ground lugs
3 Sq D Q020a 2pole breaker 120/240
1 Enphase AC combiner w/ Envoy 80a
3 watertight 2 hole strain relief
Heyco Products Inc. HEYClip
40 Sunrunner Cable Clip – S-6405 – Single
40 Cable clips
1 Heyco Cable Grip
2 CT-200-SPLIT for IQ Envoy
1 Enphase IQ Disconnect Tool
1 PV Labels 2017 NEC Solar Labels 55