12 Volt Off-Grid Inverter Systems – 4 panel (320w)


MS2812 Magnum 2800W Inverter
4 320 Watt 120 cell Mono Panels 1280W ARRAY
1 MidNite Classic Mppt Chg Controller

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Add some of the comforts of home at your weekend cabin with an expandable off-grid solar system that includes 4 Trina 320W 120 C Mono Panels.

With the 2800W Magnum Inverter this system will run:

• a small refrigerator
• stereo
• laptop computer
• cell phone charger
• lights
• TV
• Water Pump
• Washer & Gas dryer

With the MidNite Classic 150 Chg Controller you can expand this system to 9 solar panels.

The Inverter has an “AC IN” port to take AC power from the Generator to assist with keeping loads powered and Batteries charged.

To Minimize Generator use with this size system one needs to use conscious conservation of energy.

Sized for a Small Weekend Cabin and able to produce 74.13kW (+/-) daily or up to 290kW-h each month in summer.

This system will provide pure sine wave AC power to your appliances .

A key to ensuring you have power with this size array is to size your battery bank properly.

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Component List

1 Magnum MS 2812 Inverter
1 MPPT MidNite Classic 150SL
4 Trina 320W 120 Cell Mono
1 Blue Sea Battery Disconnect
1 Blue Sea Mega Fuse holder
1 300 Amp fuse
1 MNPV 3
1 babybox breaker box
4 DC breakers /battery & panel
2 2 Sets 50′ red 50′ black #10 PV wire w mc4
1 Panel Assembly
2 12′ Battery Connection Cables (2)
4 Unirac Roof Mounting Kit
1 wiring diagram