48 Volt Off-Grid Inverter Systems – 24 panel


48 Volt Schneider 6848 XW 120/240 Inverter
Trina 305 Watt 120 Cell Mono Panels 7,680W Array


7,680 Watt (7.68 kW)


System Overview

Enjoy all the comforts of a grid tied home with this system that is expandable and able to produce 38 kW daily or up to 1100kW-h each month in summer this system will provide plenty of pure sine wave AC power to your appliances including:

• Refrigerator
• Well pump
• Microwave
• Television
• Freezer
• Lights
• Washer & gas dryer
• Furnace blower fan
• Power tools
• Computers



Conext XW6848

This off-grid or battery based inverter will deliver 6,000 watts of pure sine-wave power at 120/240VAC making it great for homes or cabins. Schneider’s line of XW inverters have built-in chargers to keep your battery bank charged from a generator or other AC power source in the event of insufficient solar. The XW line of inverters are a great value, with an impressive list of features and sell for hundreds less than the competition.

120/240 volt AC power

This off-grid inverter will deliver full power to a 120/240 volt breaker panel without the need for an additional external transformer. For additional information please see the spec sheet and user manual or call one of our sales technicians at 19897374078.

Advanced Grid Features

The Conext SW inverters incorporate advanced features for modern grid-connected systems. The Conext SW inverters are consumption ready with the ability to prioritize solar consumption over grid, while maintaining zero grid export. The Conext SW can work with the grid to avoid peak utility charges and support the grid when utility supply is limited.


• MidNite Classic 150 MPPT charge controller 
• Simple, safe installation 
• MidNite Whiz Bang battery monitor provides  percent state of charge via the Classic display screen 
• Color coded and labelled buss bars for all connections 
• Fully assembled and tested by experienced technicians 

Generator Capability /Option if Chosen:

Pre-Wired Generac Generator w/Auto Start Option In the event of insufficient sunlight and low battery voltage. The generator will auto start, feed loads while charging batteries and shut off when batteries are full. Call Suntec Wind & Solar for more details.


1 48 Volt Schneider 6848 XW 120/240 Inverter
2 MidNite Classic 150 Sl Mppt charge controller
36 Trina 320w 120cell Mono
1 Schneider system control module
1 Blue Sea Battery Disconnect
1 Blue Sea Mega Fuse holder
2 MNPV 6 Combiner Box
1 300 amp fuse
1 big babybox breaker box
14 DC breakers
5 100 feet #10 PV wire 50′ red 50′ black w/mc4’s
36 Unirac roof racking
1 Panel Assembly
2 Two 12′ Battery Connection Cables 1red 1 black
2 DC Surge Protectors
3 MidNite Solar Waterproof 2 hole Strain Relief
4 1/2″ Strain Relief w/ 1 Hole for #10 or #12 wire
1 Wiring Diagram and fast easy access to our staff