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Solar with a battery backup system silently creates and stores energy, which you use to power your entire house using a hybrid inverter. The first step is to chose what circuits you have in your home that you want powered if the grid were to go out, typically about six circuits that include refrigerator, freezer, well pump, furnace blower motor, kitchen circuits with microwave and coffee maker, and some lights or any medical devices.

Next, you then mount a six circuit electrical box (Subpanel) next to your Main Electrical Service Panel and move those six breakers and the wire that feed them from the Main to the subpanel. If you are not familiar with working with electricity we advise you consult with an electrician. We do provide diagrams and support to both electricians unfamiliar with these systems and to homeowners wanting to DIY the project.

You can find a six circuit 60 amp panel in most Home Depot stores for about $30 to $50 and circuit breakers run about $9.00 each.

The Hybrid Inverter is really two inverters in one. It will feed power to a subpanel also called an “off grid” panel (this is power you are no longer buying from the utility).

On days when there is sufficient sun and all the loads in the subpanel are taken care of, the hybrid inverter will feed excess power into your utility connected main electrical panel which will slow you electric meter down and even turn it back earning you dollar credits with your utility company if they have a program offering that – not all do.


When solar is not available (at night or during bad weather) other available sources can be used to charge the batteries if there are periods of insufficient sunlight. There is even an input for a Generator.

If you already have a Stand-alone Generator with an ATS, it can be easily incorporated into the system. If the Grid goes out, the Generator will feed the Main service panel and the inverter will continue to feed power to the subpanel.

If you have a time-of-use utility plan, you can use a battery backup system to save money on your energy bills. Instead of paying high electricity rates during peak usage hours, you can use energy from your battery to power your home during peak hours. So you can use your electricity as normal – but at a cheaper rate.

Across most categories, battery backup systems come out on top over generators. They’re better for the environment, quieter, easier to install, and cheaper to run long-term. Plus, they have longer warranties than standby generators.

Big Battery lithium battery banks are made from Life-PO4 cells, which currently provide the best storage, because they store more usable energy than any other lithium or similarly sized lead-acid battery.

Our solar batteries are the lowest-price energy source in the long run and cheaper than lead-acid batteries. Lithium-ion phosphate batteries store almost 50 percent more usable energy than lead-acid batteries and they have a faster charging rate too!

Additionally, they work between 5,000 and 8,000 charge/discharge cycles vs. the old 500 cycles that a lead-acid battery provides, and there is no physical maintenance as there is with lead-acid batteries.

Big Battery solar batteries are made in the US, and are the safest, most secure option for any solar application. With a built-in Battery Maintenance System (BMS) and numerous safety features, you can rest easy and let our solar battery do the work for you. We have 24v and 48v lithium solar batteries to provide you with the right system for your solar application.

NEW – Ready to Install

Introducing Home Grid Lithium Stackable storage solution that allows for easy expansion of your storage capacity with 4.8 KW modules. Click Here to read more…


Also introducing the Big Battery Lithium battery Rhino. The RHINO is the thinnest and strongest wall-mounted battery on the market today. This battery is unmatched in terms of power density with 14kWh of capacity in only 4 in. of thickness and can be charged at at temperatures as low –20 C ( – 4 F) and 65 C (149 F).

The Do It Yourself Option

It’s time to determine how much Independence you are targeting which translates into how many panels, batteries and storage is needed to accomplish your goal.  Then.  We decide how much you want to do yourself and how to proceed DIY solar system involves some extra effort, you are your own project manager which can save some money. You can build it yourself, hire local laborers for assistance of a combination.