Off Grid Solar


Off grid solar implies the utility grid is not available. All off grid solar systems include solar panels, an inverter and a battery bank. Such a system typically provides “whole house” power to all the AC and DC appliances. A lithium battery is part of this system which provides stored solar panel power to the “whole house” overnight and in prolonged low sunlight conditions. Our off grid systems provide for a generator input as a back up power source. The inverter can use it to charge the battery bank during periods of prolonged low sunlight conditions. A system like this can add value to your “off grid” property as future property owners will appreciate the property more if it provides its own power.


Benefits and Key Features

  • Provides “whole house” power were there is no utility grid
  • Includes a battery bank to deliver stored solar panel power
  • Eliminates or greatly reduces the reliance on a gas generator while producing clean and quiet power to your get-a-way home or cabin.

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