Hybrid Solar with Battery


Similar to a grid assist solar system, solar panels feed DC Power to a central inverter which produces and sends AC power to a critical load subpanel or the main service panel directly. This in turn powers selected essential appliances in your home or the entire main service panel. This power replaces grid power reducing your utility bill every day the sun shines. As a hybrid inverter, it can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill by slowing your meter down and is capable of sending (selling) excess power out into the utility grid earning you dollar credits (If your utility company has such a program). A lithium battery is part of this system which provides stored solar panel power to appliances in case of grid outages.


Benefits and Key Features

  • This system ensures your essential appliances such as the refrigerator, freezer, well pump, furnace blower fan, medical devices, etc are always powered from the solar/battery system even with the grid goes out
  • Because the essential appliances are powered by solar, your utility bill will be reduced every day the sun shines
  • This system can reduce or eliminate your utility bill by being able to send power back out to the grid
  • The system can also use grid power or generator power when needed during prolonged low sunlight conditions ensuring your essential appliances are always powered

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