The Major Utility grids throughout our country are becoming increasingly unreliable.

In Michigan the two largest Utilities in the State of Michigan are being forced to shut down their coal burning Plants in the next year.

Their customers are being warned that Brown Outs and Black Outs are going to be more frequent and longer in duration.

In addition, global warming is resulting in more frequent storms that are greater severity which will also contribute to more grid outages of longer duration.

On top of all that there are substantial rate increases coming for electricity as the utility companies struggle to invest in Wind and Solar on a scale necessary to deal with increasing demand.

Back up home generators are one solution but they are costly. A 20 kw Generator running for 24 hours can cost up to $110 or more per day when its running during an outage.


But what will you do if there is no fuel to run that Generator?


The best solution TODAY is to invest in a Grid Tied Solar System with Battery Back Up.

A properly planned and designed Grid Tied Solar with Battery system will not only ensure all the critical appliances in your home are powered during a grid outage, it will also REDUCE your electric bill every day the sun shines and insulate you from the higher utility rates that are coming.

Call us today for a free quote on a system that will guarantee you power during grid outages for the lowest cost possible while giving you true energy independence.

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