5.04 KW Solar Array

16 Panels

SA-5K SA—8K SA—12k SA—15K Features

• Simple to install with touchscreen interface
• Grid Tied Mode: Sell your power to reduce electric bill
• Meter Zero Mode: Zero your electric bill without a smart meter
• Time of Use: Use solar and batteries to minimize grid power usage
• Programmable Smart Load Mode
• DC and AC Coupling

Works with a wide range of battery chemistries – Lead acid to Lithium



Sol-Ark, utilizes cutting edge technology and features an integrated design that makes it easy to install and use.
Your system can be managed via the color-touch screen display, or remotely monitored through Sol-Arks
PowerView ES phone app.

Sol-Ark Pre-Wired Hybrid Inverter System is a all-in-one system that includes an inverter, charger controller, a display with remote monitoring. The Sol-Ark is simple to install to a Grid-tied, Off-Grid, or
Battery Backup solar system, while being able to manages power to and from Solar, Battery, Grid,
Loads, and Generator.

Solar Panel Details

315 Watt Mono PERC Solar Panel – 35mm Black Framc

Monocrystalline 120 Half-Cell Solar Panel, Black Frame, White Backsheet

Model CS3K-315MS-Black Frame
Series KuPower CS3K-MS High Efficiency Mono Perc Module
Manufacturer Canadian Solar


  • Low power loss in cell connection
  • Better shading tolerance
  • Minimizes micro-cracks
  • Lower hot spot temperature
  • Heavy snow load up to 6000 Pa, Wind load up to 4000 Pa*


    Detailed Information

    Canadian Solar has developed an innovative cool module design, Ku Modules (CS3K-315MS), based on Low Internal Current (LIC) module technology – the next generation of module technology.

    Canadian Solar Inc. is committed to providing high quality solar products, solar system solutions and services to customers around the world. As leading PV project developer and manufacturer of solar modules with over 15 GW deployed around the world since 2001. Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ:CSIQ) is one of the most bankable solar Companies Worldwide. 

    Watts (STC) 315 W
    Max Power Voltage (VMPP) 33.1 V
    Max Power Curent (IMPP) 9.52 A
    Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 39.9 V
    Short Circuit Current (ISC) 10.06 A
    Max System Voltage (UL) DC 1000 V

    Sol-Ark 12kw 48 Volt All-In-One Solar Generator – Inverter

    Sol-Ark 12K All-In-One Solar Generator System

    Parallel stacking (1-9), Grid Sell, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, Peak Saving, 20kw Peak Power, 9.6kw AC Coupling

    • DC Transformerless: Boosts PV energy 10-20% without increasing PV array size and reduces storage inverter costs up to 30%.
    • Battery Efficiency: Improve battery efficiency by 10-15%; Partial Charge Carbon AGM’s round trip efficiency is 98% vs. wet cell 80%.
    • Easy to Install: Sol-Ark 12k’s All-In-One design cust install time in half. With 2x MPPT’s and 9kw continuous / 20kw peak inverter, a user friendly wiring area, and remote monitoring built in.
    • U.P.S: Sol-Ark 12k acts as a massive uninterruptible power supply with a lightening fast 4ms transfer time.

    Approved for UL 1741 SA Rule 21, HECO, & Canada PREPA Approved for Puerto Rico 120/240 & 208V

    Max PV Power Delivered to Battery & AC Outputs 6,500W + 6,500W = 13,000W
    Max allowed PV Power per MPPT 12,000 Watts
    Max DC voltage 500V @ 18Am 450V @ 20A
    MPPT voltage range 150-425V
    Starting Voltage 175V
    Number of MPPT 2
    Nominal AC Output Voltage 120/240V/208V split phase
    Peak Inverter Efficiency 97.5%
    Continuous AC Power to Grid  (on-Grid) 9000W 37.5A L-L (255V)
    4800W 40A L-N (120V)
    Continuous AC Power to Loads (off-Grid) 8000W 33A L-L (240V)
    4800W 40A L-N (120V)
    Battery Type Lead-Acid or li-Ion
    Nominal DC Output 48V
    Capacity 50-9900Ah
    Grid to Battery Charging Efficiency 96.0%
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 30.0″ x 18.30″ x 10.00″
    Weight 78lbs



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