Power Home Solar / Pink Energy Files for Bankruptcy

Thousands of Their customers Need Service Work – We Can Help


As many of you may have heard, one of the largest installers of solar in the county, Power Home Solar/Pink Energy filed for Bankruptcy after numerous states’ Attorney General offices launched investigations into the company’s’ business practices.

The bulk of the complaints filed against the company come from homeowners who say the systems are just not working. Power Home Solar says the problems stem from firmware problems from a component they purchased from Generac that provides rapid shutdown of the solar output in the event of a fire. A quote from Power Home Solar, “almost every system underproducing is because of the firmware and Snap RS.” That’s a reference to the parts supplied by Generac.

Other complaints centered around high pressure salesmen making false representations on how much power the homeowner can expect the system to produce, the size of the reduction in utility prices a homeowner can expect to see each month and/or how the federal tax credit works.

Many solar customers still owe thousands of dollars for their solar packages that are now not working.

If you purchased a system from Power Home Solar/ Pink Energy and are experiencing problems give us a call. 888-363-8698

It may be that we can correct the problems you are having and get your solar system working as it should be.

We have technicians who are experienced in troubleshooting problems and getting the systems back up and running.



Robert G. Wiltse