Things you need to know before you purchase a Wind Turbine

Hi Folks,

The first thing to understand about a “Micro “ Wind turbine is that they should only be considered as a supplemental addition to a Solar with Battery
back up package. Also, over the course of a year you will never get the return from Wind that you will get from solar.

That being said, the time of year when you have the poorest sun conditions , typically November through February, is when your wind turbine will show
its real value by keeping a battery bank full, reducing the need to rely on a costly Generator.

The other important consideration regarding a windturbine is your location. Is it right for a wind turbine? In many cases a location may provide very good wind speeds out of one or two directions and poor wind speeds out of another. This typically is a compromise worth making especially if the “good wind speeds” are from the “prevailing wind” directions.

Finally before you purchase a wind turbine you should be aware there are a lot of manufacturers on line making a lot of claims about the output of theirwind turbines. We have tested the HYE windturbines for the past 8 years at our off grid home and they are consistently putting out the power they claimto be able to produce.

With the purchase of a HYE wind turbine from Suntec Wind & solar you will have the piece of mind knowing you are dealing with a company that stands
behind the products we sell. If you have a problem with one of these wind turbines you can call me directly and I will work hard to get your problem
solved to your complete satisfaction.




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