HY 1000 Watt 24 Volt Wind Turbine

HY-1000 Wind Turbine Features

• Electromagnetic braking and blade aerodynamic braking
• High efficiency achieved by perfect match on the generator and blades
• Extreme weather resistance
• Extreme wind resistance
• Anti-rust & anti-corrosion
• Light weight, easy installation

Long lifetime, maintenance-free


Wind Turbine Technical Specifications

Model HY-1000
Rated Output 1000W
Peak Output 1200W
Rated Voltage off-grid: DC24/48V    on-grid: DC48/110V
Start-up Wind Speed 2 m/s or 4.5mph
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5m/s or 5.6mph
Rated Wind Speed 12m/s or 26.8mph
Working Temp Range from -40°C to 60°C
Survival Max. Wind 50m/s or 110mph
Over Speed Control Electromagnetic & blade aerodynamic braking
Number of Blades 5
Rotor Diameter 1.96m
Swept Area (m2) 3m²
Blade Material Nylon fiberglass reinforced composite
Generator Type Brushless 3-phase PMA with high performance Neodymium Magnets
Tower-top weight 28kg
Tower Type self-supporting, guyed, Tilt-up tower or rooftop mounting etc.
Controller Type PWM
Applications solar & wind hybrid lighting, on/off-grid power system etc.
Product Life 15 years
Warranty 3 years (optional 5 years)
Years on Market 5 years
Certificate CE, RoHS, ETL, ISO9001:2008, ISO14001
Measurement 146*53*26cm
Gross Weight 32kg

Includes PWM Charge Controller

PWM Charge Controller Technical Specifications

Model HY-C10-24AWM
Rated Battery Voltage 24V
Rated Power Output of Wind Turbine 1KW
Maximum Power Output of Wind Turbine 1.5KW
Brake Current of Wind Turbine 42A
Rated Power of Solar Panel 300W
Floating Charging Voltage 29V
Display Mode LCD
Quiescent Current ≤20mA
Communication Mode (Optional) RS232, RS485, RJ45, GPRS (optional)
Ambient Temperature & Humidity -20~+55℃/35~85%RH(Non-condensation)
Measurement (L×W×H) 51×51×24cm
Net Weight | Gross Weight 10kg